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Quotes Started training with steve a few months now and have really been enjoying myself. the classes are very interesting, challenging and varied. Steve is a great instructor who really pushes and motivates you to keep going and push yourself that little harder. I have already noticed a huge increase in my fitness and energy levels, really recommend you give his classes a go. you will be sore and wrecked at the end but when you start to see how much healthier you get you will see that its all worth it. one last thing if you never really trained before like myself or are nervous about going dont be the classes always friendly with a fun atmosphere and something for people at all levels of fitness from beginner to long time members. Quotes

Quotes I have been training with white panthers for nearly 9 months now. I had problems with my back and was told by a doctor that I needed to strengthen it.I always had an interest in trying martial arts but never did it.I was very nervous about starting but Steve was very welcoming and so were his students. And after about 3 classes I didn't have any pain in my back as I usually would nearly every day.I love training with white panthers martial arts and havnt a bad thing to say about it. Quotes

Quotes hey, ive been training with steve a few months and must say i love it, while ive a long way to go my fitness is seriously improving and its great for stress relief.Steve is very patient and encouraging and would highly recommend him for anyone, of any level to join. tanx stevexxxxxxxxx Quotes
very satisfied customer

Quotes Hey, I have been training with Stever for about 4 months now. I was nervous about starting the classes because I thought I wouldn't be able to keep up with the rest in the class, but Steve was very understanding and professional and told me to take it at my own pace. He makes everyone feel very relaxed and part of the club. My fitness, my appearance and my confidence have improved so much and I look forward to each and every class!! Thank you Steve :) Try it for yourself and not only will your health improve but you will have fun and meet some great people!! Quotes
Very Satisfied Customer :)

Quotes hey, ive bin training with steve for 3 weeks now, i still have a long way to go but would just like to say that the 3 weeks ive been training i have got so much more fitter and confident! Thanks steve xx Quotes

Quotes Hi, ive been training with Steve at the White Panthers Martial Arts Club for about 6 months now. I was really nervous starting out because i was going up by myself and i had never really done anything like this before. When i got up there Steve made me feel very welcome and has created a fantastic atmosphere in the club. Since i have started i have lost a serious amount of weight, my fitness, flexibility and confidence have gone through the roof. My previous injuries have all cleared up. Steve also got me ready for my 1st set of fights and i absolutely loved it. I cant thank Steve enough or speak highly enough of him. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Quotes
VERY SATISFIED member of White Panthers Martial Arts Club

Quotes Hi. Id just like to say that i am very very happy with the one to one personal training that Steve has done with me over the last while, I was far from fit and not happy with the way i looked, Steve has now brough me to a level that i have not seen since i was in my late teens, my fitness has really come up i have dropped two jean sizes and started to tone up, i found with other personal trainers that they judged me straight away up on meeting and only in it for the business side of it. well we all are trying to make money but in Steve's case he made me feel really good on our first meeting, some of the first exercises i could't do, but that was down to me laughing so much (sorry steve) and he gave my first session free. I would highly recommend anybody to train with Steve in a personal one to one session and i have recommended him to a lot of my friends. Thank you very much for everything you have done for me Steve, and i'm looking forward to our next session. Quotes
Happy Mom

Quotes Hi. I have know Steve for many years and have trained with him on and off for over ten years, I would have no problem in recommending anybody to train under Steve in his club, it dosen't matter if you have never trained in any sport before, Steve will make you feel comfortable before, during and after training, if you have trained before then I can asure you, that you will never train with any other club again, he will push your body and mind to the limit, Dont take my word for it, try it for yourself and see. Quotes

Quotes Hello. I have only recently started training with steve and i honestly cant believe how much i love and enjoy it. i have gone from being someone who hates the idea of doing any form of exercise to someone who cant wait for my next session at white panthers martial arts club. i did find it tough at the start but im starting to get used to it now and steve is such a great trainer, i would definately recomend him to anyone. Quotes
New Member of White Panthers Martial Arts Club

Quotes I met Steve in Jan 2009 when I started training in martial arts for the first time. I was very nervous attending my first class. Thankfully, Steve being the nice guy he is but me a ease straight away. And 19 months later I've made great friends and I haven't looked back. To say that Steve is a very competent and skilled in the work he does would be an understatement. He is very approachable, talented, good natured and most importantly has a great sense of humour. Whether you want to join just for fitness or to compete and grade, White Panthers Club is the club for you. The training sessions are the best around and no two classes are the same. Since joining I have seen an enormous change in myself. Not only have I lost a lot of weight and toned up but an old injury has disappeared that physio couldn't fix. My fitness and flexibility have improved immensely. As long as White Panthers School of Martial Arts is open, I will be there. Best of luck to Steve and the club for the future. Quotes
Mary McGrath
Member of White Panthers Martial Arts Club

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