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Self Defense

In this day and age I believe that every person both young and old should,

Have some sort of basic self defense because you will never know when you may be confronted by an attacker,

It may very well be a person trying to grab your handbag, or your wallet, or wanting to assault/attack you for

Know reason, and this is where I will teach you how to deal with a situation correctly. There are generally,

Two ways an attracter will attack, from the front grabbing your wrists,shoulders,neck, from behind grabbing,


Your waist,shoulders,neck, and your hair. Just a few simple steps we will show you how to correctly defend,

Yourself in any situation. Having self defense know how will give piece of mind to go where ever you like and,

Do what ever you want, and NOT having any worry in the back of your mind. This is called SELF CONFIDENCE.

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